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Individual Child Session


Individual Child Session

Your baby is growing up too fast and every time you blink they add another two inches in height to themselves! It's time to get some photos done to capture their growth stages before you blink again!

Your Session: This is all about your child and what their ever-growing personality is into. If they have a favorite movie or character lets find ways to incorporate that. If they have a larger than life personality that loves to be outside playing lets focus on capturing that! I want to personalize this session for your child to capture their specific age and really bring out their constantly evolving personality.

What To Wear: This depends on what type of child they are. I suggest picking something they're comfortable in and go from there. Bring at least four or five changes, you don't have to wear them all but you'll want enough choices to choose from while on spot. You can choose to change in the vehicle if we're at a location where there's no place to change. I suggest clothing without logos or wording as they'll stay timeless during the years to come. Instead of the old school rule of matching think of coordinating schemes to go with. Go outside your comfort zone and dress up a bit, remember you will cherish these photos for years to come so put a bit of thought into what you'd like to see yourself in. Also keep in mind if we're doing something themed you'll want to dress them accordingly.

What To Bring: I encourage you to bring along anything and everything your child shows special interest in! Anything that highlights this point in their life. Big into princesses or cars? Bring  them along and don't forget to throw in their special books that grandma gave to them too! Don't forget to bring along anything they've become particularly attached to, it's a keepsake they keep close to them and a great way to remember that stuffed animal they cling to for future remembrance. I like to visit ahead of time to discuss what specific set-ups you want so I have everything prepared ahead of time for when you get there.

Time & Location: For on location shoots, I prefer shooting right before sunset, that's always the best lighting but we can do a morning session if needed. I also do have a studio set up that we can use for this type of session with backdrops that will go great with their specific sessions with window light if it's available. Sessions usually last about two hours depending on locations and the amount of changes we do. If we need to go longer than the two hours I will honor that as I want to make sure we get the perfect photographs. We can agree on a location choice or if you have several places in mind we can arrange something that works. If you have a specific place that has sentimental value or significance to your make sure you let me know and we'll be sure to incorporate it into the shoot. 

Session Fees: A $25.00 non-refundable deposit is required to book your session with the remaining balance due on the day of your session, prior to starting. The photos posted for you to view will have my logo on them. Once your purchase your session I will give you a CD with all of the photos and their copyrights without my logo for you to keep. I ask that if you choose to use the photos on social media you use the ones with my logo on them. 
Individual Child Session Fee is $75.00

Session Fee Includes:
  • One to two hours of shoot time
  • Location of your choice as discussed prior to the day of the shoot
  • Unlimited outfit changes 
  • 20 edited images
  • Black and white conversions of all edited photos
  • Album located on my website with all of your images displayed, we can add a password if you'd like to keep them private
  • Prints ordered off of the website at lab cost (They're set at my cost level so you're getting professional lab quality prints at a major discount)
  • Photographer's time, talent, editing and travel expense :)

          Extras: Something new I've launched in 2014 is that I am no longer offering a cd with full print rights included in my packages. To read more about my reasons for choosing to change this please read my post with the details. Instead I've choosen a "a la carte" style package so you can pick and choose what you'd like to include with your purchasing from your session.
          • CD with watermark logo on all prints - $5
            (This is mostly for those interested in getting the digital images to use for social media)
          • CD with all edited images and full copyright release - $30
            (This is for you to take your images and have them printed wherever you prefer)
          • Prints off of website - FREE
            (I've chosen to allow you to have my discount so you can get quality prints at an affordable rate)
          • Proof book$35
            (Some people like to have a book to show others what they can order from their session)
          • Additional Edits - $10/image
            (If you would like more images than allotted per package we can add them onto your session)
          • Phone Case - $20
            (If you're interested in creating a phone case out of your photos I can order them at cost!)

          To book a session, please visit the "Contact" tab at the top of this page, or shoot me a direct e-mail at:

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