Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newborn Session



Newborn sessions are very special to family members and friends. A time spent capturing those tiny details that make your newborn unique and remembering them in their first weeks in the big world. You will want to capture the little nugget and their first moments of life to continuously look back and remind yourself of the beautiful life that you have created. 

Your Session: Newborn sessions are very special. A time spent photographing ten fingers and ten toes, their yawns and precious facial expressions. Newborn images are best captured during the first 10-12 days after birth. The babies are generally smaller, sleepier and can easily be posed into positions. Sessions are usually held in your home but we can easily take them elsewhere if you'd like. I prefer to capture the precious moments of newborns as soon as possible usually starting around 6 days old because they're still small enough to curl into positions that works best. Another reason is because newborn acne and colic start to flare up around two weeks of age.

What To Bring: Bring any type of props you have in mind for your shoot. This is the type of shoot where you can never have enough props, hats, blankets, diaper covers and other cute baby mementos. Beings I do not have children quite yet my lack of props means you'll want to grab extras, I am slowly building up a stock of a couple different things but you can never bring enough of your own to play with. I typically like to stick with neutrals and earthy tones so most of my props reflect that style. If you're looking for a uniquely themed session to fit babies room or parents taste please bring that up so we can plan and get it set up for you! Also, if daddies not along for the photography session, be sure to borrow his ring, everyone needs a shot with mommy and daddies gems! If you're having trouble with coming up with prop ideas be sure to let me know and we can brainstorm together. I have a couple of contacts that offer great baby photography props and baby items. 

Time & Location: I do a lot of indoor shooting for newborns so please keep in mind that I'd love to come to your house but we need a lot of light. If you have a perfect place with a big window that's great and that's the best option. I like to allow four to five hours for photographing newborns that way  there's enough time for feedings and comforting should baby need it. Try to keep baby up for awhile before coming to your session that way we can insure baby sleeps well for photos. Try to keep the diaper loose so we do not get diaper marks in the photographs. It is also fun to do outside photographs with baby (weather permitting) in flower fields or other natural settings. If we need to go longer than the the time allotted I will honor that as I want to make sure we get the perfect photographs. We can agree on a location choice or if you have several places in mind we can arrange something that works. If you have a specific place that has sentimental value or significance to your make sure you let me know and we'll be sure to incorporate it into the shoot. 

Session Fees: A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to book your session with the remaining balance due on the day of your session, prior to starting. The items listed below are what your session will cover. I will honor the session price quoted if you've requested one but prices are subject to change.

Newborn Session Fee is $140.00 

Session Fee Includes:
  • One to two hours of shoot time
  • Studio Time or Other Location As Discussed
  • Unlimited use of props on-hand
  • 20 edited high resolution images
  • Black and white conversions of all edited photos
  • Album located on my website with all of your images displayed, we can add pass code if you'd like as well
  • Prints ordered off of the website at lab cost (They're set at my cost level so you're getting professional lab quality prints at a major discount)
  • Photographer's time, talent, editing and travel expense :)
  • 25% Discount on all print products for the month after your session is completed

          Extras: Something new I've launched this past year in 2014 is that I am no longer offering a cd with full print rights included in my packages. To read more about my reasons for choosing to change this please read my post with the details. Instead I've choosen a "a la carte" style package so you can pick and choose what you'd like to include with your purchasing from your session.
          • Social Media Digital Downloads - $10 
            These are low resolution files with Dirt Road Photogrpahy logo on them to be used for social media sites. These are mainly intended for those who are wanting to share what fun they had during their session but don't have intentions of ordering other digital related prints.
          • CD with all edited images and full copyright release - $75
            This is for you to take your images and have them printed wherever you prefer. I realize that a lot of people have worked with other photographers and this is simply the easiest way for you to receive hard copies of your photograph's but 85% of clients do not even print their photos. I highly suggest printing them right away!
          • Prints off of website - 25% Discount 
            This is something I offer for all sessions so you can get lab quality prints at a lower price. I like to give clients a discount to encourage them to order right away so they don't forget! It's also a nice way to share with family members that they're welcome to order prints for themselves as well!
          • Proof book- $45
            Some people like to have a book to show others what they can order from their session, it's also a great way to have all your pictures printed into one book to look at later and share with friends
          • Additional Edits - $10/image
            If you would like more images than allotted per package we can add them onto your session. Keep in mind that by adding more images to your session it may take longer for you to receive them as I will need more time to complete your session.
          • Specialty Products - Prices Vary
            There are so many customized fun products we can do with your pictures so make sure to check out the link with other product ideas. From phone cases to customized invitations we can do it all!

            To book a session, please visit the "Contact" tab at the top of this page, or shoot me a direct e-mail at:

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