Monday, February 17, 2014

First Birthday - Jax

Alright, I'm gonna admit it right off the bat. I love little Jaxy sooo much and to be asked to do her first birthday pictures was an honor! A little back tracking to explain: Jax is my cousin, Missy's daughter. 

Simple? Ya, figured you'd get it. So, now that the connections are confirmed let's get to talking about this purple faced little chunk of cuteness shall we? 

Miss Jax is a little girl that I had never expected to fall in love with so quickly. For those who haven't already figured it out I have a baby-phobia. No, not really scared of babies, I actually love babies and want a billion of them for myself (until they're teens, then they go back to someone else) but more I have a fear of holding other people's kiddos due to me thinking I'll either: A- Hurt them, B- Make them cry, or C- both.

So, I'm not normally the person that walks up to you and asks to hold your baby. You must "pawn" your baby off on me before I'll willingly hold it. To wrap that ramble up I'll give you a quicker version of what's coming next.

Missy set Jax down when they got to my house and she walked right up to me and climbed into my arms. <<insert me bubbling and my warm heart jumping up and down>>

I was so excited that Jax warmed right up to me and I knew we'd have a fun session the rest of the day. We continued outside and did a little bit of family pictures with her and then changed her into some fun cake smash clothes. She's had a little experience with her cake smashing so she knew exactly what to do.


And that she did. She dived in so deep her little toes, her belly and her arms were absolutely covered in purple frosting and chocolate cake. In her defense, if I could get away with it, I'd totally do the same thing even at the age of 24!

I am so proud to be a cousin-aunt as I've dubbed myself and I am thrilled to get to watch Jax grow. I'm lucky to have such awesome family members and I'm more lucky to have such cute nieces ;)

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Family - The Genslers. To see prices of other items you can order please click on my pricing tab located at the top of the blog.

Something new I'd like to add to the blog is something new I've learned from each session. I love to let you guys, my potential clients, know how I'm evolving and what I'm doing to become a better photographer so this should be great to acknowledge not only what I took away from the session but also to help show you guys there's never a peak of "knowing everything." So, this session I've learned that plan for the unexpected. Always expect things to not work out, if the wind is blowing while in the yard when you go out to the pasture it will be blowing worse. Be able to react and change up your plan at the drop of a hat, it'll make getting a one year old whose over due on her nap time smashing into her cake a little sooner.

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