Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Month - Jaxson

I'm admitting I have a soft spot in my heart for all babies but this one in particular holds a little closer place to my heart because he's Travis' nephew. Therefore that makes him my soon-to-be-married-into-the-family-and-make-him-my-official-nephew little buddy! Sooo, what that means is I cannot stop wanting to see him and take a lot of pictures of him. And truth be told, I was excited when Faith asked me if I'd like to take his one month pictures. It meant I not only got more baby time but I also got to brush up on some of my baby photog skills as well. 

His daddy is a race car driver so we of course had to include a few things of his as well! Did you notice the fire suit little Mr. Jax is laying on? That'd be daddies old one that doesn't fit him anymore ;)

If you take a look back at Tyler and Faith's maternity session and really study their features I'd say Jaxson was blessed with both some of mommy and daddy with his facial features. But, babies grow so fast and he could lose mommy's nose and daddy's grunting face in a week or two. Just depends on his mood and "pose" that he's striking that day!

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Family - Tyler & Faith. To see prices of other items you can order please click on my pricing tab located at the top of the blog.

Something new I'd like to add to the blog is something new I've learned from each session. I love to let you guys, my potential clients, know how I'm evolving and what I'm doing to become a better photographer so this should be great to acknowledge not only what I took away from the session but also to help show you guys there's never a peak of "knowing everything." So, this session I've learned that you MUST have good lighting in order to get good shots. Notice how the one picture on the left is much more evenly lit than the one of the right? The lights were fading quickly at 5ish on a winter day and if you don't position the baby just perfectly you'll get major shadows as shown. Neither shot turned out worse than the other it was just the tiny details you pick up on and learn from after each session.

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