Monday, March 10, 2014

Family - Tyler & Faith

I have been lucky enough to photography this family from day one and I love getting calls asking me to take more photographs of this ever changing family!

This session I not only got to hang out with Faith and catch up on life but I also got to see Miss Lexi the puppy who is always full of energy and happy to find someone new to play with. I met Lexi back around Christmas 2013 and was thrilled to watch her grow since then.

Also, who could forget about Mister Jaxson?! I know I never do. ;) Mr. Jax is growing so much and I cannot believe that he's almost three months already. Look at how amazing his posture in on the photo on the right. He's practically sitting straight up all by himself it looks like.

The best part is, Tyler is Travis' brother which means I get to spend a lot of time with these guys and even better, Travis and Tyler's parents took us out for supper that evening. Spending half a day with the Nerud's can be stressful but it also means I get to spend time bonding with them and creating new memories with their family.

Tyler and Faith I am so proud of your little family and I'm so excited to continue to watch your family grow up. Jaxson is such a bundle of joy and Lexi is the perfect big sister to him. You guys are doing a great job being parents and I have no amount of doubt that Jaxson will grow into a handsome young man.

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Something new I'd like to add to the blog is something new I've learned from each session. I love to let you guys, my potential clients, know how I'm evolving and what I'm doing to become a better photographer so this should be great to acknowledge not only what I took away from the session but also to help show you guys there's never a peak of "knowing everything." 

So, this session I've learned it's crucial to make sure you watch what your aperture is set when shooting. I had mine bumped waaay down to around 2.4 and that's just too low for getting good non-blurry photos for the whole family. I should have bumped it up a bit more but according to my tiny screen on my camera it looked fine. Once I uploaded them onto my computer I could instantly tell that it wasn't. I learned that you always should trust your bring and not your screen.

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