Monday, March 24, 2014

{{Spring Mini Session}}

It's finally time for me to tell you guys about the amazing Spring Mini Session's I have lined up and I'm super excited to share all of the details!

First off, here is the important deets:

And now for the fun part:

This session is totally all about having a blast and everyone laughing their pants off! I choose to do two different backdrops mainly because I wanted you guys to have options! I didn't want the boys stuck with a pink background and as much as I personally love the color blue, I didn't want all the cute little girls with their fun Easter dresses stuck on a blue backdrop if they didn't want it.

The props, they're totally optional! Yes, you can have the giant over sized bunny with you or if you're more into plain and simple you're welcome to use just the drop, no banners or other items needed. I wanted something kidish yet still to have a vintage feel to it so that's why I choose to go with the ones that are shown in the example photos. Just something unique for everyone to pick for their own style.

Book your sessions today and cash in on this great price for some updated pictures to give to family members!

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