Tuesday, April 15, 2014

--Solar Eclispe--

Last night something beautiful happened. A solar eclipse was in the sky and I pulled out my camera and decided to give it my all and capture a few shots. I've been really wanting to broaden my horizon and try new types of photography so this was the perfect event to give it a go.

They said the optimal time to view it was around 2 am and I wasn't really planning on being up that late but at 1 am I can stand up and say that it looked gorgeous!!

This will be the first of four lunar eclipse's happening over the next year and a half. And the full eclipse will only appear for about 75 minutes total. Eclipses occur when the moon, the Earth and the sun are in an almost straight alignment. Another fun fact, lunar eclipses are actually fairly common happening every 2-3 years while the solar eclipses are more rare.

Now these shots were fun but I figured I'd break them down a little more for you camera loving moon enthusiasts in case you decide to get daring and go out and try creating these shots for yourself. Below I've listed the specs from my photos...

Details: 1270 ISO   -   f/5.6   -   1/4000 sec   -   200 mm 

The shot taken above is my favorite and reminds me of a shot I took last summer. I love the crisp look of the moon. If I zoom in on the picture I can see details of it but my poor lens wasn't having it so this was one of the only decent shots I got with detail. It's incredible to think that we've actually landed on that little "island away from home" and that it's even possible to launch ourselves that far!

Details: 2016 ISO   -   f/8   -   1/2 sec   -   55 mm 

The second shot that was taken above just goes to show that if you have a camera that has a higher ISO and you actually use it you'll sometimes get a little grainy. I purposefully grained it up a bit just to get more detail of the limbs but I loved it that way. I wanted to really get a fun shot of the limbs hanging out with the moon in the distance.

I was super excited for about 2:07 am to roll around because it was finally time for this dang eclipse to happen. I was noticing after the last shot that my camera was acting goofy and I was assuming it was the lens hoping that'd it's last for one last round of shots but sadly, my poor baby decided it'd had enough for the night and wanted to go to bed. (Oddly enough, I was ready for bed as well!)

Here's an example of what I was wanting to capture...

It's gorgeous right?! And even though I don't have a picture to show you guys I can promise that it was worth the wait to see. I guess I can cross "see a solar eclipse" off my bucket list now! ;)

Oh, and on a very sad note... RIP 55-200mm 1.4 lens after tonight's little moon shoot it's decided it's seen it's better days and bit the dust. I'm not sure if my AF is going out on it or what but by the end of the night it wouldn't even attempt to focus. I'm assuming there's just too much dirt in it but I'm hoping to revive it by taking it in and having it looked at. Here's to hoping I don't have to bury my go-to farm lens!!

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  1. These are beautiful shots! I am absolutely in love with the one with the tree limbs. Well done! Good luck with the camera fix!