Friday, May 9, 2014

Family - The Olson's

On that Saturday afternoon we choose to shoot it was extremely breezy (gusts up to 30 mph) but we decided we're doing this and stuck to our guns knowing we wanted to do some fun family pictures.

I've known Amanda and Andrew since before high school. I can remember their son, Sawyer, being born and I have watched their family grow ever since. With Amanda being a fellow photographer I walked into this session being majorly nervous hoping (and praying) that she would love my work enough to approve of it.

We started out with just Andrew and Amanda getting some fun pictures done before we got the kids and added them into the mix. The kids were awesome! Sawyer, Sydnee, and Owen were all perfect, they smiled on que, they hugged and giggled together and overall enjoyed spending time out on the farm together!

I was totally impressed with how well the kiddos got along. There was no fighting, not arguing and all three of them helped each other out to climb on the tractors and other fun farm jungle gym items. I think the highlight of the shoot for the kiddos was watching little brother Owen jump on big brother and sissy's backs. He was shrieking with laughter and his older siblings giggled under the weight of him. So picture perfect for them!

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This session I learned to always promise candy to get awesome smiles! Although the kids did great, I did get a few "super" smiles after I promised a sucker or two for them. Also, make sure to carry around an extra blankie or two for hanging out in the grassy areas on the farm. Sometimes the mud and muck can look yucky on someone's bottom in pictures!

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