Friday, July 11, 2014

Family - The Andelt's

What a session! These young boys I was forewarned might not be enthused about photos and may give me a run for my money when it goes to getting some smiles out of them...


These boys warmed up within ten minutes and were full of laughter and joy! It always amazes me walking into each session how unprepared I feel but once I pull out the camera I remind myself that it'll be fun and I'm doing what I love. Working with four young men ages ranging from grade school to a teenager (practically more mature than some college kids) makes me realize that you can't use the same tactics you would on a family session.

Oh and I'm sure if you ask the boys what was the funniest part of the session they'll tell you me trying to remember their names! It's true! I mean look at them, all so similar in facial features and all tall and skinny! How could you keep them straight?! But, if memory recalls I think I can get them pretty close!

Oldest to youngest goes: Zayne, Ames, Hayes and Clay.

Ok I cheated a little and had to look up spelling on Zayne but other than that I swear I had them somewhat memorized! I'm just hoping they're in the right order ;) 

What I learned this session is that the most important thing I learned from this session is not anything related to posing or the session in general. But more so related to post process editing. I totally feel as if I had all of the images over exposed or blown out while shooting. Luckily I shoot in RAW so I could recover the entire session but next time I need to pay more attention to that detail. Saves a lot of post processing time on my end ;)