Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boudoir - Jodi Morton

Want to know what's even more exciting then taking photos? Taking photos of a friend that's a return client!!

This past year I was approached by a good friend from high school asking if I'd be interested in trying out some boudoir style session. I of course jumped at it! It sounded fun PLUS I got to have a catch up date with someone I hadn't seen in awhile.

Since this wasn't our first go around with boudoir pictures I'd say were were both waaay more comfortable with the entire thing. Getting a little daring and wanting to try some new things! I love getting outside of my norm sessions and doing something different, new and erotic! Jodi is a Pure Romance lady so she knows it's fun to get outside of your bubble, I think her facial expressions during this session is what really set it apart from other sessions I've worked with.

Thank you again Jodi for trusting me with such a personal session! You're amazing girl and I totally vote on GIRL POWER! You don't need a man in your life to do something special for yourself. You deserve and and I'm so proud of you for always wanting to do these fun sessions! Love ya! 

Although I don't advertise that I do boudoir style shoots I will do them if requested. Jodi was the first one I've ever tried and I honestly did enjoy doing it. There's something about getting to hang out with other ladies and helping to empower them and make them feel beautiful that I truly enjoy!

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Lesson's learned in this shoot is that angles matter the most! You don't have to be 95 lbs. to be gorgeous, you just need a photographer that knows how to look at you and realize that you are beautiful. That photog needs to be willing to try all sorts of poses to perfect the shot and make the client feel stunning.

Maternity - Stephanie Boal

Have I told you that I love referrals!? Yes!! Stephanie is actually a referral from a return client that I've been blessed to work with over the past few years and I couldn't be more excited to do these two girls' pictures together on the same day!

Meet Stephanie!

She's just gorgeous! And for being almost nine months pregnant I'd have to say she's rocking a beautiful bump! When she jumped out of the car and we were finished with introductions I had to take a step back and admire just how skinny she was for being almost ready for baby to be here.

The thing that I thought was extremely unique about this session is that mama was so proud of her baby J already. She was just bragging the lil guy up and I couldn't get enough! I love learning about each baby, how mommy's been doing her pregnancy and future plans for their littles.

Congratulations again Stephanie, I had a blast at your session. I learned so many fun things about you and I love hearing about your career goals. I was thrilled to see your little J born and I love seeing updates as he continues to grow!

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Maternity - Stephanie Boal. To see prices of other items you can order please click on my pricing tab located at the top of the blog.

I think the lesson in this session was really just focus on posing. I was excited to have someone willing to go outside their comfort zone to try out some fun shots and she was a slam dunk when it came to facial expressions.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mini Session - Makayla Muff

How did I get so far behind on blogging about all of my awesome sessions over the past month!? Time to kick it in gear and fill you guys in on how these sessions have been going!

I've known the Muff's forever. I actually can't really tell you a "how we met" story because my dad and Jill's dad have played in polka bands together since before I was born! I've known her two older boys, Austin and Connor since they were born and have even watched the boys a few times. Their entire family is just so kind, I couldn't imagine anyone with smiles on their faces all the time like them. So when Jill asked me to take some pictures for Makayla's three month milestone I was of course excited to meet their little princess and catch up with Jill. 

When I arrived Makayla decided that she wasn't really up for pictures and just wanted to be held. She wasn't sure why she wanted to be fussy just knew she wasn't feeling too great. We tried a few shots, but she really didn't want to smile and pose. Instead she was more interested in mommy!

Eventually she warmed up and we got a few great shots of her. Big brothers helped out and assured her that if she smiled great without whining there would be a few candy treats at the end. (Not sure she was assured but they tried to help right?!) The boys did great, it was fun seeing them and watching them work together. The giggles make the entire session worth it!!

I'm excited to watch little Makayla grow, her three months session was a blast. Seeing this little chunk is such a joy and anytime I get to cuddle a baby is a win in my books :)

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Family - The Muff's. To see prices of other items you can order please click on my pricing tab located at the top of the blog.

I learned that sometimes kiddos don't necessarily understand posing lingo and sometimes you have to just grab a limb and roll them to where you want. Although the big brothers were excited for some candy they lost sight of the fact that they needed to smile and sit a certain way. With a little bribing and promises of candy and video games we got the boys set up to help sister smile.