Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boudoir - Jodi Morton

Want to know what's even more exciting then taking photos? Taking photos of a friend that's a return client!!

This past year I was approached by a good friend from high school asking if I'd be interested in trying out some boudoir style session. I of course jumped at it! It sounded fun PLUS I got to have a catch up date with someone I hadn't seen in awhile.

Since this wasn't our first go around with boudoir pictures I'd say were were both waaay more comfortable with the entire thing. Getting a little daring and wanting to try some new things! I love getting outside of my norm sessions and doing something different, new and erotic! Jodi is a Pure Romance lady so she knows it's fun to get outside of your bubble, I think her facial expressions during this session is what really set it apart from other sessions I've worked with.

Thank you again Jodi for trusting me with such a personal session! You're amazing girl and I totally vote on GIRL POWER! You don't need a man in your life to do something special for yourself. You deserve and and I'm so proud of you for always wanting to do these fun sessions! Love ya! 

Although I don't advertise that I do boudoir style shoots I will do them if requested. Jodi was the first one I've ever tried and I honestly did enjoy doing it. There's something about getting to hang out with other ladies and helping to empower them and make them feel beautiful that I truly enjoy!

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Boudoir - Jodi Morton. To see prices of other items you can order please click on my pricing tab located at the top of the blog.

Lesson's learned in this shoot is that angles matter the most! You don't have to be 95 lbs. to be gorgeous, you just need a photographer that knows how to look at you and realize that you are beautiful. That photog needs to be willing to try all sorts of poses to perfect the shot and make the client feel stunning.

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