Friday, September 12, 2014

Senior - Alyssa Blaha

Goooo big green! Yes, that's my favorite team to cheer for, once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine! So when I had a call asking to photograph a fellow team green girl I was all about that session!

Something extra special I offered all my seniors this year is the opportunity to have TWO dates for pictures. It's more of an insurance plan for me to make sure everything turns out amazing but it's also a way for the seniors to kind of get comfortable their first session and then really shine for their second session. I really enjoyed getting to know Alyssa, her sister and her mom on that cloudy afternoon.

One thing I love about my WC seniors is to ask them how the school has changed. I like learning how our school system has improved and what lucky privileges they get compared to the silly rules they had when I was in school. (The no hoody's rule still bothers me to this day!) Alyssa informed me of some neat things they've come up with, I mean, getting your phones in class is just downright sweet right?!

It was so nice getting to know you, and I love hearing about how track stars work it! I'm totally not a shot or disc thrower, running was my thing. So thanks for being patient with me and explaining how it all worked. I love learning these things I promise!

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I guess learning is all about trying new things. I loved trying some new techniques on sunsets but I hated how they turned up. That's exactly why I offered all of my seniors a second shoot, to give me time to really practice and to give them an opportunity to find other poses or ideas that they like. Lesson learned, always shoot what you're comfortable with and then try shooting something new. It gives you some things to work with if you botch your experiments!

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