Sunday, October 19, 2014

Senior - Danielle Erickson

Getting a phone call asking if this is Dirt Road Photography was hands down my favorite milestone in my business! It was the first time I had someone contact me and ask by that name when I answered the phone! Super exciting stuff :)

When Danielle contacted me and was interested in a session out here on the farm I was excited. I've never had a senior from Lincoln want to come out and have fun here on the farm so I knew the girl had to be fun from the start.

We talked about what she wanted from her session, all of the specific stylized ideas we both had and the overall theme and I knew this was going to be fun. A country girl who wasn't scared of getting dirty and ready to embrace the great outdoors was my kinda gal! What I was surprised about when she arrived was that she was absolutely stunning. Gorgeous and so kind is a perfect personality along with a smile that can knock anyone out? Sounds perfect to me!!

I was really wanting to go outside of my comfort thing and try new poses and Danielle was all about it! I seriously loved how ok she was with trying lots of fun stuff. At one point, she decided she wanted to even climb a tree!? I agreed but made her promise to be extra careful. ;)

Thank you again Danielle, you're totally awesome and I'm so grateful you taught me more about cheering and how sports teams work in Lincoln schools. You're an amazing woman and I cannot wait to continue to follow your journey, good luck in your future plans and continue to keep smiling. You're beautiful!

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Senior - Danielle Erickson. There are also many new products that are recently listed on the website so make sure to look around, you just might find something special and unique! Keep in mind we can also create customized invitations, holiday cards and poster collages as well.

To book a Senior Session of your own CLICK HERE to see what's all included and learn more about what to expect or visit the Pricing Tab for several other session options.

Be ready to just go! Stop focusing on specific poses and just roll with it. If something looks unnatural just scrap it and move on. Sometimes the best photos are the unplanned and unposed ones! 

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