Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Senior - Quentin Slama

I've known the family Slama for as far back as I can remember! Being asked to do Quentin's senior pictures was exciting for me as I've known all the kids since I went to school with them.

I was actually really good friends with Quentin's older sister Sam through high school, I was a year above his brother Dillon and I knew that they had a younger brother, Quentin, but I really didn't know a whole lot about him since there was such a huge age gap between us.

That means I just needed to get to know Quentin at his session!

I remember the first time we got together he was full of smiles, full of laughter, full of life. One of the first questions he asked me was if I enjoyed what I was doing. Uh, of course! Then I asked him about college and we were talking about his plans but what I got next, I never expected. He flipped the question and asked ME what I went to college for. I quickly answered I have two college degrees, an Ag Degree and also an Insurance Degree. He's smart on the draw, because his reply, well you're not using either. Yes, that's totally true I couldn't disagree with it. So he smiles and tells his mom that I'm not using my degrees so it really doesn't matter if he gets one right?! See! This kids smart I tell ya.

After that, we clicked. We laughed the entire session. I can distinctly recall heading out to their farm and he was always trying to freak me out by the pond, (I hate frogs) so he was always throwing rocks around. Silly, hilarious guy!

Thank you again Quentin, and the entire Slama family for allowing me to capture such precious memories. Your family is extremely strong and I am so blessed to have gotten to know you guys throughout the years.

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Lessons Learned: Expect the unexpected and just roll with it! At one point we had his cat jump up into the tree and lay down and practically pose himself! I laughed incredibly hard and I was there to capture it. Of course you have to throw those pictures into the final edits because they're so candid and funny!

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