Monday, May 11, 2015

Wilber Czech Queen - Julia Ourecky

I was really thrilled when I opened up a message from my dear friend Julia asking if I'd be willing to take her queen pictures for her pageant application. It was five short years ago I was getting pictures taken for my own state pageant applications, and Julia was my princess helping to prepare me! Now, it was my turn to help her. It really was a bittersweet moment for me!

The Ourecky's have been long time family friends before us kids even knew each other so five years ago when we landed in the Czech Royalty crew it was fun getting to know each other better. Spending almost every weekend together that summer we learned a lot about each other and we traveled across the entire state for several fun events while meeting some extremely unique people.

I want to wish Julia and all of the Nebraska Chapter Czech Queens the best of luck this year at State Pageant. It was an experience I was extremely blessed to have the opportunity to participate in and I love hearing that other young ladies are continuing the tradition of sharing their love of their Czech heritage. Good luck, have fun and make memories. You'll look back and wish you could re-live it more often than you think ;)

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Lessons Learned: Take the weather with a grain of salt and just show up. All day I worried about the weather ruining our plans and even tried rescheduling. Luckily we stuck with our plan (and in reality we just couldn't reschedule) and it all turned out just fine. We froze a little but we still got some beautiful pictures!

And, here's a little throwback of Julia, her younger brother John and myself back when I was queen! What a fun group of friends and an awesome summer with these two!!