Monday, September 28, 2015

- Fall Family Mini Session -

It's here!! Fall Mini Session information is all listed below on the photo. Please refer to the Facebook post with time slots available as I will be updating as slots fill. As always, fall is super busy so I require deposits to be paid or your spot will be open for others to fill.

*Should weather cause issues I will notify everyone as soon as possible for the reschedule date. I will not be giving a full refund to those who cannot make the reschedule date work but you will receive a partial refund.

Phone: (402) 826-9245

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Maternity - The Johnson's

I LOOOOOVE when momma's tell me they want something out of the box.

I love it even more when they tell me they want their hubby and big sister included as well.

That's why I was so excited to meet up with Jenny and her little family!

We planned some fun outdoor shots as well as having her try out my new maternity gown. I created the gown with intent to use it earlier in the year but that mommy-to-be was induced early and we didn't have time to try it out.

Luckily Jenny was a great sport and was up for whatever suggestions we gave her. Oh did she look glowing and gorgeous during her maternity session!!

And her little daughter Dream. Oh she was so dreamy and happy! She was a ball full of fire ready to go play without any time to spare to stop and smile. She's already named her little sister "Rainbow" and I love it! Dreams and Rainbows. Mommy and Daddy I'm sure are excited for what their future holds with two little girls!

Thanks Johnson family, it was a pleasure hanging out with you guys and I am super excited to meet your little baby girl here shortly! Good luck and happy delivery!

To order prints from this session go to my website and click on the event Maternity - The Johnson's. There are also many new products that are recently listed on the website so make sure to look around, you just might find something special and unique! Keep in mind we can also create customized invitations, holiday cards and poster collages as well.

To book a Maternity Session of your own and to see what's all included and what to expect or visit the Pricing Tab for several other session options.

Lessons Learned: If you're going to include a toddler and a maternity dress in your session, bring a friend or have an assistant there for help!!

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