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Graduation Session // Anna Beck // Nebraska Photographer

I'm not exactly sure when me and Anna officially met but I've known her practically since around 1970's when our dad's were best friends and started playing in polka bands together. Then, they (amazingly) graduated high school together and started working at Peterson's together. From there they (kinda) grew up and eventually got married and settled down, both dad's had two girls and from there they call it "history."

This was exactly how our story went, this is exactly how I got to know the Beck family and spent most of my life hanging out with them, making lots of memories and building a forever friendship with Maureen and Anna. 

I've watched Anna grow, struggle through classes and be an amazing runner in high school. We even went on a trip to Europe together! (Do you still have your McSh@# shirt?! ;)

Through it all, Anna has never given up on school. I know she's had tough times with it, teachers switching things, changing of career choices, or even just horrible classes but she's never once quit on her dreams of finishing up college. Here's her story, in her words I borrowed from Facebook that I felt was worth sharing for you guys to read:

May, 1997 (I wish I knew when the exact date was). I graduated Kindergarten. It was a day I'd been looking forward to ever since Maureen walked across the stage one year earlier.
May 16, 2009. I graduated from High School. It was a day I'd been looking forward to ever since those hellish years between 5th grade and freshman year. Graduation week sure was an exciting one as two days earlier was the district track meet and....I got 2nd in the 800 meter run, qualifying for the state meet! Even though my high school track career ended badly, I was just glad to have made it to Omaha!
October 5, 2009. I started my college career at SCC Beatrice. I had planned to get my gen eds out of the way before transferring to a four year college but unfortunately I was undecided.
June 2011. I completed my gen eds at SCC. I made the decision to major in criminal justice with the hopes of someday working for a county court. I would take all the CJ classes offered, then transfer on to Doane and take whatever classes weren't offered at SCC.
January 2013. I was just one class short of graduating as a criminal justice major from SCC. However, my advisor told me that this class I needed would not have an opening until July of 2017! I just about shit bricks when he told me that and when I asked him to pull some strings to get me into that class, he flat-out REFUSED just because I was FEMALE! Completely frustrated with what I just heard, I walked out my advisor's office and never looked back. It was then that I made the decision to enroll at Doane College the following August. (if I would have stuck to criminal justice, I would be waiting another year just to get that one class I needed and even then I wouldn't have been guaranteed a spot!)
August 26, 2013. I started at Doane. At the Crete Campus where I attended, Criminal Justice was under Sociology, making me a sociology major. First semester was rough as I ended up dropping a math class and later one of my sociology classes. After talking to my advisor and the registrar, I made the decision to switch my major from sociology to undeclared. I was also part of the Cross Country team, however I was unable to compete due to an old injury I received in high school.
January 27, 2014. After a rough first semester, I began my second semester at Doane as part-time and undeclared. One of the classes I took that semester was Medieval History taught by a wonderful instructor. I don't know why I didn't listen to myself years ago but I had always been fascinated about history, whether it be about Czech topics, my hometown, anything I could get my hands on! In mid-February of that year, I approached my instructor and told her that I wanted to be a history major. She was absolutely thrilled to hear that and from that day on, she helped me get all the classes that I needed. The next three semesters (plus the summer session) would fly by fast. I guess I blinked even though that Kenny Chesney song told me not to!
August 24, 2015. I began what would be my last semester at Doane. I didn't post this on Facebook for fear I would jinx I kept my mouth shut. Last semester consisted of six classes but I only needed four of them to graduate- the other two classes were just so I had enough credits to be full-time. Had four major papers to write: For Women's History I wrote a 18-20 page comparison paper on Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton. For Fascism I wrote an 10-12 page paper on the Finzi-Magrini Family, a prominent Italian-Jewish family in Ferrara. For Nebraska History I wrote a 14-16 page paper on the double murders at the Fox Hole Tavern. For Great Plains Studies, I did a huge slideshow presentation on the Czechs in Nebraska. I even wore one of my kroje to class and passed out kolace to my instructor and classmates! (one of my classmates was from Canada and never had kolace before. Now he's looking forward to attending the Wilber Czech Festival this summer!)
December 10, 2015 was a day of mixed emotions. I was extremely happy to be done with finals (especially that hard math final) but somewhat sad that this was it. This would be my last day as a Doane student. I was informed that there would be no December undergraduate ceremony for the Crete students and that our degrees would be mailed to us in the coming weeks. The waiting game began!
January 6, 2016. I received a very thin package in the mail. I literally shook when I tore it open...only to find that I received my Bachelor's!
May 8, 2016. Since there was no undergraduate ceremony for the Crete students in December, they all got to walk in the spring commencement ceremony. This particular ceremony was a historic this would be the final class to graduate from Doane College. No the campus is not closing, it just changed it's name to Doane University. Not wild about the name change but I guess it's understandable now that there's more than one Doane campus.
One month from today: I'll be going to the Czech Republic for 13 days! I was there for 2 days in 2007 and ever since then I've wanted to go back!
After my trip: I plan to find a full-time career and hopefully go back and get my Masters in the next few years. As for a Doctorate....with hard work and determination it's a possibility

Thanks you to the Beck's for not only being there for me through my trials in life but for sharing a lifelong friendship. I love cheering on your family as new events happen and I am so excited to watch you Anna as you continue to pursue a new career as well as more schooling, I have no doubt you'll accomplish every goal you set!!

So there it is. An amazing story that shows just how hard she's worked to finish and accomplish her Bachelor's degree! Congrats again Anna, so proud of you and your accomplishments!!

To view images from her session please visit her link!

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